Dharma Talks




Most of the talks below were given at the weekly Tuesday night meditation group that David leads in Boulder, Colorado. Some of them were given at the weekly Sunday evening group in Denver and others were given at retreat centers in various parts of the U.S. Our intention is to make these talks freely available to people who would like to hear them.


You have two options for listening to a talk: You can stream it or listen to it immediately. To do so, click on the title of the talk and then click the Play button above. The other option is to download the talk to your computer or mobile device and listen to it at a time that’s convenient for you. To do so, select the talk you want, and click the Download Soundtrack Link button. If you have any problems listening to a talk, you can contact Steve Troy for assistance at 781.308.7881 or stephenttroy@gmail.com.


There’s no cost for accessing these dharma talks. We offer them in the spirit of generosity, which in Buddhist teachings is called dana. Dana is understood to be a practice that has been translated as “generosity freely given.” Similarly, we invite you to support our practice community with a financial donation.


A donation is not required, and there’s no suggested amount. Good guidelines for the practice of dana are to choose a contribution that gives rise to a joyful and caring feeling in your heart, and to make an offering that feels appropriate in relation to your personal financial situation. The donations we receive will be used to support the activities of the Tuesday night group of the Insight Meditation Community of Colorado. Donations of any size will be sincerely appreciated and put to good use in service to the sharing of Buddhist teachings and our collective well-being.